Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments’ series of virtual training conferences continues on March 24 with TD-120 Desalination Application Training. This half-day session will be presented by Mark Fletcher, TDHI Field Service, Repair and Applications Manager.

TDHI’s customers enjoy the benefits of the company’s worldwide exposure, product development, and distribution network. The global dealer network is essential to meeting the needs of many industries, including oil and gas, desalination, power generation and wastewater treatment. TDHI regularly supports its dealer network with training conferences.

Over the last year, dominated by pandemic challenges, TDHI has developed a very successful series of virtual conferences. A three-day dealer conference, traditionally an in-person event, was offered in December as a webinar. In January TDHI offered a dealer service training for the TD-4100XD and TD-4100XDC in desalination applications. Both events were well attended and generated thoughtful discussions and suggestions for future presentations. In addition to the personal safety considerations during a pandemic, web-based events have produced other benefits, including the reduction of both travel expenses and impacts on the environment.

More virtual training and conferences are planned this year. These presentations will continue to focus on servicing TDHI products and their specific industry applications. A TD-550 and TD-560 calibration and troubleshooting training is planned for the month of May. The most recent focus on oil in water monitor applications has been on desalination. Presentations on the detection of gas condensates and steam-driven heavy oil in produced water (SAGD) will follow in the coming months.

TDHI specializes in the measurement and monitoring of oil in water. The company’s expertise lies in the application of UV Fluorescence technology to the monitoring and analyzing of produced water and other oily wastewater. TDHI provides state-of-the-art continuous online oil in water monitors as well as bench-top single sample analyzers. Recently, TDHI introduced a new chlorophyll in water monitor for detecting algae blooms, which adversely affect desalination processes.

Invitations to future presentations are emailed to interested dealers and representatives. These sessions are great opportunities for asking questions, receiving answers and sharing experiences with diverse industry professionals. Because of the global reach of these virtual training conferences, TDHI will continue seeking solutions to time zone differences and other logistic challenges.

TDHI Offers First-Ever Dealer Training Virtual Conference

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