Online water analyzers can be challenged by process upsets and  unexpected conditions that push measurements out of range or  foul the sensor.  Because upset conditions can be short lived, they make it difficult to collect a sample.

The TD Sample Thief collects a water sample on command with a manual button push or signal from an online water analyzer or control system.  A sample cylinder, sequenced isolation valves and flexible control system allow collecting a discrete water sample for detailed analysis at the operator’s convenience.  When the sample is collected, time, date, measured concentration and process conditions are recorded and the operator is alerted.

In addition to collecting samples triggered by upset conditions, the TD Sample Thief can also collect samples for periodic monitoring. These samples can be prepared for analysis with solvent extraction or the No Solvent Method directly in the sample cylinder.

The TD-120, TD-4100XD and TD-4100XDC Oil in Water Monitors are designed for seamless operation with the TD Sample Thief.


  • Allows analysis of samples that exceed a monitor’s range
  • Operators will not be exposed to process conditions
  • Collects high oil concentration samples for correlation calibrations with TD-4100XD
  • Set water volume for repeated collection and analysis
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