If you are a produced water system operator or vendor who is tired of oil slugs upsetting the process, stop by booth 256 at the 2022 Offshore Technology Conference. Discover the monitor that can measure high concentrations when all others fail.

Operation Benefits

  • Detect high oil concentration slugs before separators 
  • Optimize wastewater process control 
  • Reduce operating cost and environmental discharge issues 

Key Applications

Produced water management requires specialized monitoring equipment. The TD-2500 stands apart from other monitors in its ability to detect high concentrations and slugs that foul other monitors used in water processes. It is particularly well suited for the following applications.

  • Oil and water separators feed monitor 
  • Storage tank dewatering control 
  • Desalter water effluent monitoring 
  • Disposal well monitoring 

Insertion Process Monitor

A key strength of the TD-2500 is its ultrasonic probe. The probe can be inserted at any point in your water processes. Most importantly, the probe can be moved and reinserted without any downtime to the overall operation, lowering costs and raising efficiency.

  • Measures oil in water (10 ppm–30,000 ppm) 
  • Rated to high temperatures and pressure 
  • Customized materials of construction 
  • Zero downtime sensor removal—process insertion with ball valve
  • No moving parts, low maintenance 

Industry leader Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments/Benchmark International offers the widest range of online oil and water monitors and water sample analyzers on the market.  All of our products are supported by a worldwide dealer network. Come to our booth to check out the new TD-2500 Ultrasonics Probe for the toughest produced water applications.

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