At this year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments (TDHI) will exhibit its industry leading, flexible product line of oil in water monitors, analyzers and accessories. TDHI will display the newly updated TD-550 and TD-560 Oil in Water Analyzers, the TD-107 Oil Content Monitor (OCM), and new accessories like the Clean-in-Place (CIP) system and TD Sample Thief. Staff will also share insights to the popular TD-4100XD and TD-4100XDC hazardous area monitors as well as the TD-120 industrial applications monitor.

The TD-550 Oil in Water Analyzer’s single measurement channel has the same oil sensitivities as the TD-500D. For crude oils that are API 45 and heavier, the TD-550 produces ideal measurement results. Thanks to the inclusion of improved sensor technology, the TD-560 offers a second measurement channel that has spectacular sensitivity to BTEX, fuels, light gas condensates and heavy crude oils.

The TD-107 OCM is a 15 ppm bilge alarm for oily water separators. The monitor is IMO MEPC 107(49) certified and offered through NAG Marine. It comes equipped with a data logger, cell condition monitor, 4-20 mA output for remote monitoring, and a user friendly USB data port.

The TDHI CIP system chemically cleans the complete sample system from sample take off to the drain. It is self-contained, with no chemical discharge while cleaning. A supply tank contains all chemicals and waste. Both the TD-4100XD and TD-4100XDC will fully control the CIP’s functions. The CIP system can be added to an existing monitor or integrated into the design of a new one. TDHI offers custom configurations for hazardous area requirements.

The TD Sample Thief collects a water sample on command with a manual button push or signal from an online water analyzer or control system. A sample cylinder, sequenced isolation valves and flexible control system allow collecting a discrete water sample for detailed analysis at the operator’s convenience. When the sample is collected, time, date, measured concentration and process conditions are recorded and the operator is alerted. The TD-120, TD-4100XD and TD-4100XDC Oil in Water Monitors are designed for seamless operation with the TD Sample Thief.

TDHI’s industry standard TD-4100XD and TD-4100XDC are online oil in water monitors designed specifically for offshore oil production, refining, petrochemical, mining, and other industries that require robust online hardware for severe duty and hazardous area locations. Skid or wall mounted and constructed of 316 stainless steel, the monitor includes an external keypad for operation in corrosive environments. The XD and XDC detect and measure natural gas condensates, light refined fuels, crude oil, and many other aromatic hydrocarbons. Detection limits range from low ppb (µg/L) to high ppm (mg/L).

For customers needing online monitoring solutions for cooling water, steam condensate processes and a variety of industrial applications, be sure to ask about the TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor. The TD-120 is ideal for detection of oil leaks and spills for heat exchangers, boilers, and membrane systems as well as optimization of water treatment systems.

Join TDHI at OTC 2019, NRG Park, Booth #3309, Houston, TX. The conference runs May 6–9.