Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is proud to offer the TD-2500 Ultrasonic Oil in Water Monitor, a perfect solution for detecting high oil concentration slugs. Using a time-tested ultrasonic probe and zero-downtime insertion process, the TD-2500 excels at detecting high oil concentrations in the following industrial applications:

  • Oil & water separators feed monitor
  • Storage tank dewatering control
  • Desalter water effluent monitoring
  • Disposal well monitoring

TD-2500 Features

  • Detects high oil concentration slugs before separators
  • Measures oil in water (10 ppm–30,000 ppm)
  • Zero downtime sensor removal—process insertion with ball valve
  • No moving parts, low maintenance

To learn more, visit the TD-2500 product page or download the TD-2500 brochure.

TD-2500 Product Page
TD-2500 Brochure