An online oil in water monitor can quickly reveal small, intermittent leaks and indicate the potential for significant oil cooler tube failure before it occurs. Deep UV Fluorescence-based oil in water monitors from Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments have been used extensively in power plants and industrial water processes for more than 20 years. Most petroleum-based oils and fuels absorb UV light and spontaneously emit fluorescent light at longer wavelengths. UV fluorescence monitors, such as the TD-120,  are more sensitive to oil than UV absorption, turbidity, and light scatter monitors.

TD-120 Features

  • Low cost of ownership—no reagents or instrument air needed for operation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • New auto-valve capabilities: temperature protection, fresh water flush, and process isolation
  • Analog signal, alarm dry contact relays
  • Internal tablet interface for quick setup and calibration
TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor

For more information read the following application note, or download the TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor brochure.

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