Natural gas condensate produced at some production fields presents significant challenges for oil companies. Most measurement methods for hydrocarbons in produced water have reduced sensitivities to light crude oils or gas condensates due to high fractions of BTEX, highly water soluble hydrocarbons with no significant color. Solid particles, sand, rust and gas bubbles present more obstacles for accurate measurements.

UV technology, as used by the dual-channel TD-560 Oil in Water Analyzer,  is ideal for field sample analysis of oil in water concentration. With its deep UV light source, the TD-560 measures crude oil and natural gas condensate from below 1 ppm to as high as 5,000 ppm in some cases. The TD-560’s compatibility with all commonly used extraction solvents and multiple preparation procedures available allows field operators to choose the method that is best suited to their operations.

TD-560 Features

  • Low cost per sample analysis
  • Large full-color touch screen interface
  • Advanced data logging and graphing capabilities
  • Compatible with all popular extraction solvents and TDHI’s No-Solvent Method
  • Results can be correlated to official lab methods such as USEPA 1664A and ISO 9377-1
  • Multipoint calibration and multiple calibration storage capabilities

To learn more about the TD-560 Oil in Water Analyzer, visit the product page or download the product brochure.

TD-560 Product Page
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