The produced water treatment systems for discharge or re-injection can be greatly enhanced by combining water monitoring technologies. In the following diagram, presented by TDHI to the Produced Water Society, Ultrasonic and UV fluorescence monitors are added to a common treatment process.  An ultrasonic monitor is inserted for early detection of high concentrations, or slugs. The UV fluorescence-based monitor adds the lowest possible detection levels at the point of discharge or re-injection.  Additionally, a particle analyzer can be added after the separators for troubleshooting and injection monitoring. 

The TD-2500’s ultrasonic probe offers simple insertion, with no process downtime. Its fast response time makes the TD-2500 ideal for detecting high concentrations—helping to improve water treatment efficiency and tune the chemical injection rate.   

The TD-4100XD, designed for hazardous environments, provides cost effective, continuous, remote measurement of crude oil and natural gas condensate in water. Detection limits range from low ppb (µg/L) to high ppm (mg/L).

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